Count Magistus Skull Money Box Bank V35 Alchemy Gothic


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Place your trust in a gentleman who's reputation is beyond reproach (and beyond the grave). Save your money in this resin bank with a plug in the bottom.

Approximate Dimensions: This item measures approximately 14.5cm / 5.7 inches tall
Materials: Resin

From 1729 – 1864 COUNT MAGISTUS The name Magistus is anciently derived from the Latin words magister; master or chief, and magus; priest, sorcerer or wise man. Count Albrecht Magistus, according to legend, was mysteriously born into an ancient, noble family of unblemished lineage, some time during the early C18th, on the borders of Bavaria and Bohemia, (Germany and the Czech Republic).

The family's ancestral home was the isolated Castle Ambix, well hidden in the mountains of the Bohmerwald Forrest. Curiously, he is said to have died, (or possibly been reborn), on 31st October 1864. He became a well-known and misunderstood aristocratic figure in late Victorian London society, where he held property in Highgate, when he was rumored to have dealings with the underworld and feared to have vampiric tendencies.

According to the Magistus family tradition, the Count was an avatar of the Apocryphal Amzer, illegitimate son of Adam and Lilith, and counts amongst his long lineage an alchemist during the Middle Ages. The ancient family always claimed, (generally regarded somewhat fancifully), that their eternal mission was to guard the legendary Holy Grail, sometimes being interpreted as the Bloodline of the Messiah. At the time of Queen Victoria, this was rumored to depend upon preventing the takeover of the western world by a strain of iniquitous vampires. He is believed to have brought to a decisive climax a long running feud with the notorious Dracula.

High quality original and official gift ware from The Vault. Quality resin gift ware handcrafted and designed by Alchemy Studios in England, and manufactured in China. Packaged in a Alchemy branded gift box with full color product label, including swing tag.

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