Question: What do you do with my private and sensitive information?

Answer: We only use the data you input on this site to process your order and send you your stuff! We will NEVER share your personal info with anyone else! Pinky swear!! You can see our full privacy policy here.

Question: Is it safe to shop on this website?

Answer: Yes! If you look up in the browser bar, at the beginning of the web address you will see a green or black lock symbol, depending on which browser you are using, and also https instead of http which means the whole website is using SSL to encrypt all information passed through it. When you enter a password or a credit card number, we are never able to see it on our end, and as the info gets delivered where it needs to go, it is scrambled while it travels through cyberspace. As long as a website uses an SSL certificate which creates the https part of the URL, then it is safe to enter sensitive information.

Question: Is it better to create an account or check out as a guest?

Answer: That is completely up to your preference. Checking out as a guest is great if you just simply want to place an order. Creating an account does have many benefits though. You can add things to your cart, sign in months later, and your stuff will still be in your cart. Or you can create wishlists that will be in your cart until you delete them which makes finding the products you love easy so you don’t have to search for them again. It also makes future checkouts streamlined as it saves your address and info.

Question: Where can I find the Hades Footwear that used to be listed on your site?

Answer: In June 2019, Hades Footwear moved their operations from the US to another country, so their shoes and boots will no longer ship from the US. We can no longer sell on places such as eBay because the shipping time will now be up to a month instead of a week, and eBay doesn’t do well with these long shipping times. We will eventually list them again on this site with the understanding that you will have to wait patiently for your package to arrive! If you have found a specific Hades Footwear shoe or boot that you are interested in you are welcome to contact us about ways to purchase it.

Question: Where can I find all the other stuff you guys had listed on your old site, the tattoo tees and artwork and band tees?

Answer: For now until we’ve listed everything on this site, the home page has links to take you to the different eBay categories where we have everything listed! You can also visit our eBay store here.

Question: What if my order arrives damaged or I was sent the wrong thing or I simply changed my mind, how do I deal with returns?

Answer: We at Black Orchid Couture understand that returns are a part of online shopping. You can see our full return policy here.

Question: How did Black Orchid come to be?

Answer: We opened a brick and mortar store in Albuquerque, NM in 2008. We had to close it after the huge financial crash in 2009. Enter the world of eCommerce! We created a website and started selling online in 2010, and started selling full time on eBay in 2015. Then in 2018 we discovered Poshmark and sell one of a kind hunted and acquired items on there! You can see our full story here 🙂