Welcome to Black Orchid Couture, Your Alternative & Subculture Shop!
Gothic * Punk * Rockabilly * Steampunk * Tattoo

Black Orchid Couture was born out of our love of punk and metal music in the 80’s along with the dark and alternative fashion that makes one stand out from the crowd.

Black Orchid Couture began as a brick and mortar store in the largest town in New Mexico, Albuquerque, in 2008. It was run by one woman (me!), and catered to the alternative crowd. I sold clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry in the Gothic, Punk, Rockabilly and Rock n Roll genres. It was so much fun and was becoming popular for those who wanted something different that Hot Topic! Unfortunately I opened my store right before the big financial crash happened, and a year later in 2009 I closed down shop.

But Black Orchid Couture wasn’t over! I went back to school and got a degree in web and graphic design with the intentions of opening an online store. In 2010 https://www.blackorchidcouture.com went live and it’s been quite a ride!

Black Orchid Couture is an alternative and subculture fashion webstore offering an eclectic array of gothic, punk, rockabilly, steampunk, psychobilly, rock ‘n’ roll, and tattoo clothing, jewelry, fashion accessories, home decor and urban art.


Update August 2019 – Until we’ve fully stocked our upgraded site, you can shop all Alchemy Gothic products here on Black Orchid Couture, and find the other items in our eBay Store and Poshmark Closet. Our home page has direct links on where to buy the categories of products you are looking for. Looking for vintage fashion? We are now selling on Etsy!

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